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10 Questions that will change your life forever.

This workshop combines the proven methods of the Best Year Yet workshop with creative expressions such as vision boards and journalling to help you manifest and visualise your most successful year yet! 

Workshop format can be tailored to meet your needs and can be explored over 4-days or 8 individual sessions (available face to face or via phone/skype). 

Workshop outcomes: 

  • Create your own personal mantra and guidelines to support you to achieve your goals.

  • Understand the roles you play - and the new roles you would like to invite into your life, be it a poet, a parent or a partner. 

  • Create your BEST YEAR YET 12-month plan to success.

Who is it for? 

  • Individuals over the age of 13.

  • Small groups (4 max)

As a certified Best Year Yet coach, I look forward to walking this path with you to help you on your way to your most successful year yet!

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