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How do I give feedback or make a complaint? 

I welcome all kinds of feedback, including complements and complaints about my services. This helps me to provide a better service for the community, and I am committed to resolving any problems which may arise. 

What can you provide feedback or complain about? 

Anything that you are not happy about, including incident management, if in any way you felt you were not treated well or if the services did not meet your expectation.

Who can offer feedback or make a complaint?

Parents, carers, participants, young people and agencies. 

Getting support to provide feedback or make a complaint.

Providing feedback can sometimes be challenging, so you may want to seek a support person, social worker or advocate to help you with your complaint. Or you might feel more comfortable to ask a friend or family member to assist. 

Is it private? 

Your feedback or complaint is confidential, however there may be some instances where other people need to be informed due to legal requirements. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for more information. Feedback can also be anonymous, however it may make it difficult to resolve issues in such cases. 

How do I offer feedback, make a complaint or pass on a compliment? 

There are multiple ways to offer feedback. 

  1. You can provide feedback or make a complaint via the webform on this page. 

  2. If you feel comfortable and it is safe to do so, please talk to the person who you are unhappy with. You can do this via phone (0487727657), email ( or via the webform.

  3. Alternatively you may wish to contact the Independent Complaints Agency, they are an independent government agency which assists with complaints about government departments, councils and community service organisations (toll-free: 1800 451 524 or email:

Feedback or Complaints

Your form has been submitted. Thank you for your feedback. We will respond within 7 calendar days.


If the matter is urgent or if you require further information, please contact Mishy on 0487727657.

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